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WalkTC Amazon

WalkTC Amazon

WalkTC units sold on Amazon are typically more expensive than if you buy a TreadClimber directly from this website. The markup Amazon charges to sell WalkTC units is passed along to the consumer on Amazon, whereas there are no additional charges or markups if you purchase a WalkTC here. Plus Amazon doesn’t provide you with, or accept, the current promotional codes Bowflex offers so you could be missing out on upwards of $500 in savings! To ensure you always get the lowest price possible on your WalkTC TreadClimber purchase make sure to visit this website.

Amazon Pricing

Amazon pricing consists of the product price PLUS a transaction fee which could be upwards of 3%. This is due to the additional middle man (Amazon) that needs to make money. We provide all of the WalkTC specifications, WalkTC reviews, and product videos directly on this website so you can compare WalkTC models before you buy. Amazon may not have any product videos listed, contain un-verified reviews from people who never purchased a TreadClimber, or a third-party seller offering you a used unit at full retail pricing.

So to ensure your experience and new WalkTC are backed by Bowflex’s full warranty and you receive the lowest possible price, please continue to shop on this site now.

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