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Beachbody CIZE Dance Workout Review

CIZE Review


CIZE Dance Workout is a 4 or 6 week workout program (6 for beginners) that includes ab workouts along with dance routines.  This workout series is different than a lot of the Beachbody workouts. It is designed to not “feel” like a workout. Meaning there aren’t traditional exercise moves, there are no weights and no sets. This workout is fun, exciting and something to look forward. But yes, there is a lot of sweating involved especially if you give this workout a real chance.

The program is designed and led by Shaun T who is also responsible for Insanity and Focus T25 if you are familiar with the other Beachbody workouts. He does a great job of breaking down all of the moves for each routine, making them simple and memorable. However once sped up to pace this workout gets intense and pretty difficult especially for those without prior dance experience or a general lack of coordination. Not that it can’t be done, it just may take more time to get the hang of it and really as long as you keep on moving it doesn’t matter if you can’t hit every step. This can a great workout option, but is really up to the individual whether this type of workout is going to be the right fit.

 $59.85 (+ s&h) – Buy it Now!

Along with the workouts and scheduling comes the “Eat Up!” meal plan. Depending on the individual and his or her specific goals it doesn’t have to be followed exactly, but diet is where you can make or break your results. It is a handy tool and a great reality check for anyone. Reminds us all there is room to improve. But if you are committed to getting the extreme results advertised then stick to the diet plan. Just remember that making a bunch of extreme changes all at once is a difficult thing to keep up over an extended period of time – no matter how disciplined you are.


  • Fun workout
  • Challenging/Intense
  • Good source of cardio
  • Workout at home
  • Reasonable price


  • Need some level of coordination
  • Not for everyone
  • Involves some jumping – Not a no impact workout

$59.85 (+ s&h) – Buy it Now!


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