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Elliptical Reviews

E35 SOLE Elliptical

w_500_e35-elliptical-2013_389This mid-range model comes complete with the SOLE features we love but at a mid-level price. Features like cushioned and adjustable foot pedals and a heavy fly wheel for a sturdy and smooth performance. Its 22″ maximum stride length is hard to beat as well. This is a great elliptical but I recommend buying it on sale since it is originally priced at $2,000. Read More



E95 SOLE Elliptical

w_500_e95-elliptical-2013_397 (1)The E95 is SOLE’s “Best Buy” elliptical. Priced in the $1,500-$,2000 range, this elliptical is a strong competitor and backed with solid construction and confident warranties. This machine is quiet, smooth and comes stocked with a 9″ LCD display. The E95 is one of SOLE’s top models designed for home use. Read More



E55 SOLE Elliptical


The E55 SOLE boasts club quality packed in a smaller home-friendly machine. This elliptical is designed for a quieter, smoother, more comfortable experience. The large fly-wheel contributes to the smooth ride as do the 4 rear wheels that glide on the rails. This secures the motion and limits side to side action. In addition the foot pedals are designed with a 2 degree inward slope putting the body in a better position to reduce stress on the ankles and knees. Read More


Life Fitness Integrity Series Summit Trainer




The Summit Trainer is not really an elliptical. It’s better! The design eliminates the elliptical motion and replaces it with a climbing action. Most people don’t realize that ellipticals, while no-impact, can put strain on the knee during the forward pushing phase. Making the change to climbing helps better protect the knees and intensifies the workout. Read More


Bowflex Max Trainer M5


This little baby was designed specifically for a quick interval workout in the privacy of your home. It is more closely related to a stepper or climber than the typical elliptical and includes 2 different arm positions so the user can get a full body workout. The Max Trainer is most known for its 14 minute high intensity interval workout which is pretty difficult and customizes to the user. Read More



NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i


The idea behind the FreeStride is that it is a complete cardio machine combining 3 machines in 1: Stepper, Elliptical, & Treadmill. It offers up to a 38 inch stride length, 24 resistance levels, and up to 10% incline. The cushioned pedals rotate on a belt rather than rails. This design provides a quiet and smooth experience. Read More.