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Beachbody INSANITY Workout Review

INSANITY Workout Review


INSANITY is named based on the insane results it produces in just 60 days. This workout boasts being the hardest full body workout available on DVD. The best part is there are no weights or equipment required to do the workout – except maybe a towel for all the sweat! All of the movements and exercises are done using just your body.

This workout is NOT for everyone. It is high intensity with explosive movements. There’s jumping and push ups  and very little time to rest. Each INSANITY workout lasts around 40 minutes and is designed to produce insane results so the workouts are extreme. To get the results advertised you have to be completely committed to the workout and diet program. In less than an hour a day Shaun T is offering an opportunity at a total body transformation. But it is up to the individual to do the work.

The Elite Nutrition Plan is mapped out over 5 meals per day. Depending on the individual you will get a certain number of calories allowed per meal and it also covers which types of foods are you are allowed to eat at each meal. Each day includes a shake from the Beachbody line Shakeology. It is a meal replacement and costs extra (about $120/month if purchased separately). There are also deals to purchase Shakeology along with the INSANITY program to get a discount. It is not required to do the meal plan and see results, but it makes it easier since it is one meal each day that you don’t have to think about or do much planning for.

On this program there is a workout scheduled 6 days a week with 1 rest day. There are Fit Tests included throughout the 60 days to help track your progress. These are great to keep checking in and help you see improvements along the way. The first Fit Test probably won’t go well. But by the end of the program you should be stronger, faster, and more powerful.

$39.95 x 3 (+ s&h) – Buy it Now!

What you get:

  • Workout DVDs + 2 Bonus Workouts
  • 60 Day Wall Calendar
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Elite Nutrition Plan
  • Free Online Support


  • No equipment required
  • No membership required
  • Full body workout program
  • Workout at home
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Not for everyone – Intense!
  • High impact, intense workout
  • Must be committed
  • More expensive than other Beachbody systems
  • Nutrition plan includes Shakeology shakes – Extra expense.

Buy it Now!


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