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WalkTC TreadClimber

WalkTC TreadClimber

TreadClimbers are advertised on TV with the domain WalkTC. These units are powerful fitness machines that can help change your life! WalkTC TreadClimbers produce results 3.5x faster than standard treadmills all with a simple walking stride.


Staying in shape is harder these days because everything is available instantly online, which means you no longer how to physically exercise to get much. Just a few years ago you would have went to the library to read a book, now you can download the book you need instantly to your mobile phone or tablet. While technology has helped make our lives easier, it’s also let to the highest rate of obesity in history.

The good news however is advancements in technology have finally been applied to fitness products as well. Now just by walking on a TreadClimber from WalkTC.com you can get in the best shape of your life. The movement of the treads up/down of a TreadClimber help provide a full body workout. You’ll engage your legs, core, back, arms, and more while walking just minutes a day.

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