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TreadClimbers from Bowflex are amazing home fitness machines that allow you to shed extra weight by walking just minutes a day. The TreadClimber is designed to burn more calories than a traditional treadmill by combining the up/down motion of a stair master with the walking motion of a treadmill and the circular motion of an elliptical. This means you will spend less time working out and more time burning fat!

Treadclimber vs stairmasterStair master workout
Treadclimber vs treadmillTreadmill workout
Treadclimber vs ellipticalElliptical workout

Bowflex TreadClimber

Bowflex leads the fitness industry with product innovations that accelerate the fat burning process. TreadClimbers have been around for nearly 8 years now and are proven fat crushing machines! Even better, Bowflex just refreshed the TreadClimber line-up and packed even more exciting features into each TreadClimber model without raising prices! You can now connect and track your fitness progress with the TC20, or go motor-less with the entry level TC5 for an added workout.

Click here to view our TreadClimber pricing guide and compare the TreadClimber TC5, TreadClimber TC10 and TreadClimber TC20.

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