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Bowflex advertises the TreadClimbers on TV with the domain WalkTC.com. Our site combines the product information from WalkTC.com with customer reviews from people who have purchased a WalkTC already. You can compare WalkTC prices easily and claim the latest promotional code by joining our newsletter.

TreadClimbers are more expensive than standard treadmills, but they combine the workout benefits of a stair master, elliptical, and traditional treadmill. The workouts are more intense but you only have to walk! WalkTC TreadClimbers are shipped directly from Bowflex new to you when you order using the links on this site. We aim to provide WalkTC cost information and current promotions, along with customer reviews so you can shop efficiently.


WalkTC TreadClimbers are sold in three models, the TC5, TC10, and TC20. Model specifications are useful to review prior to purchase so you confirm the size of the WalkTC you purchase fits in your home. In case you purchase a model you don’t care for, Bowflex offers a full 6 week buyback guarantee. This means anytime within the first 6 weeks you have your WalkTC, you can return it for a full refund.

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