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by Peter on Treadclimber TC20
The TC20 is a quality product

It has a nice cushion feeling on your legs

by Magdalena on Treadclimber TC20
Great product

This machine was worth investment. Workout goes fast and appears easier then on traditional trade ill.

by Carlee on Treadclimber TC20
Our New TreadClimber

At the end of my busy work day I simply grab my iPad throw on a TV show and walk on the TreadClimber for 30 mins to get my much needed wind down and great exercise. It is easy on your knees while working on your butt, legs and midsection. I get wonderfully sweaty without feeling overwhelmed or pressured. When the beep goes off indicating 30 mins is up I am always surprised at how the time flew by. Thanks for helping me get back to the gym after having a baby while not sacrificing my family time.

Amazing workout!

I normally have to run in order to sweat like this. Incredible workout!

by Jim's Gym on Treadclimber TC20
Great Investment to Slim Down

My sister has an older model and loves it, so I'd thought I'd give it a try. I bought the TC-20 model. Figured if I'm going to spend that much on a machine, may as well get the best one with the best warranty. It was tough at first as I wasn't hanging on to the rails and just trying to walk unsupported. Almost killed me. Once I got the hang of it, and I now use the rails, it really works. I set the timer for 31 minutes and 3 MPH. I burn about 431 calories. I've been using it not quite 2 months and I've almost lost my love handles. There is no stress on the knees what so ever. It's not fan quiet but not bad at all. I just turn the TV up a little. Great machine. Glad I made the investment. I almost bought a treadmill, glad I didn't.

Worth Purchasing

This product is very easy to use. It is low impact and I get the same workout as the treadmill.

by Sweaty in MO on Treadclimber TC20
TC-20 Does it tow the line?

It is noisy and needs to be in a room by itself. The two treads aren't equal in depth even with the same setting, one hydraulic is more flexible than the other so it makes climbing feel uneven. I wish it had a hook in for a monitor as it is a bit boring to be on after the monitors at the gym allow you to watch what you want.

by The lynx on Treadclimber TC20
great workout

We are a family of 5 and so far everyone is using it. One word of caution, the shipping boxes are heavy so have some help to get it set up, especially if you have stairs to climb. Overall a great product and workout.

by tucker on Treadclimber TC20
best buy ever

this is a great machine work all areas to the fullest

by Chris and Jack on Treadclimber TC20
I would recommend this to friends

This is a wonderful product that is easy to use and safe. The best thing is that it is in my home so I can use it everyday and build up to the amount of time at my own pace.

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