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 21 reviews
by kbell on TC5 Reviews
Challenging but good workout

Overall, we like the machine. My fiancé and I were looking for a machine that was easy to store and easy to use. We found it in this machine! Considering that we both had taken a break from working out, we needed something that was easy to build our endurance up again. We both feel motivated to use the machine during the week. A con we found was that the second you start slowing down, the movement of the machine stops entirely. Although this is disruptive, it isn't unusual because the machine isn't motorized. Not bad just needs time to get used to. The belt on one of the foot pedals shredded a bit after one use because it was rubbing the wrong way. Once we cut the hanging material and adjusted the belt, it stopped rubbing and was fine.

by jjenw on TC5 Reviews
great product

The screws did not go in very easily when I assembled it, but they did eventually. I enjoy the product - it's excellent for low impact fitness. The product is a little wobbly when I walk at a faster pace, but it's not too much of a problem. It's a great work-out and takes some time to get used to. Great product!

by Nick on TC5 Reviews
Quality Product

The BowFlex Tread Climber is great! Easy to assembly and use. I enjoy having this in my home rather than going to the gym.

by Brenda on TC5 Reviews

I have a walking disability which has caused me to trip, breaking my ankles/feet. I couldn't keep up with a treadmill. Buying the TC5 has given me quite a few laughs as I get "stalled". I can only manage 1.5 minutes before I am winded and my calves are exhausted. Only used it 1 week, but I feel the difference on the back of my thighs! I'm having a GREAT TIME since I can't go outside due to pollen.

by Ann on TC5 Reviews
Serves it's purpose

Not the easiest piece of equipment to put together.

by Deb on TC5 Reviews
just walk? works you hard!

need 2 people to assemble. sturdy. pedometer gadget didnt work. takes up a lot of room, not easy to move.

by GETTIN' FIT on TC5 Reviews
So glad we purchased this machine!

Like the simplicity of the work-out and overall results of using the BowFlex Treadclimber on a regular basis.

by Flo on TC5 Reviews
Worth every $

I had a Reebook eliptical for years. I used to be on it for 45-55 mins, top resistance , burning 640 + Cals.
Now with the TC5, I had to start at 5 mins gradually to 25 mins.
Although not spending as many cals as with the eliptical (according to the machine reading), I am working up a sweat (unlike before) and I'm loosing weight. This is a real workout.. effort is all yours, I am very happy with it.

by none on TC5 Reviews
Would buy this product again and Tell others

Use few times a week 5 min. at a time till i build my self up to the next level

by Hopeful on TC5 Reviews
pleasantly surprised

I like that it doesnt need to plug in and is light enough to move around if need be. Simple, no bells or whistles. Great beginner machine.

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