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by Dena Marie on Treadclimber TC10
Awesome workout, Love it!!

I purchased my TC10 a little over a year ago & have been using it productively ever since. I bought it originally b/c I gained 10 lbs & wanted to lose that to get back in the weight range I'm used to. I def did & have kept my weight just were I'm used to. The treadclimber does take some getting used to, makes u sweat & makes you feel oh so good after! I absolutely love it! This was my first purchase for a Bowflex & am an addict now. I recently waited 2 1/2 mths to receive our Max Trainer. Def an awesome purchase as well!

by Mary Jean on Treadclimber TC10
Totally worth it!

I am so very glad I bought this machine. If I can do it anyone can! It is the best workout I have ever had. I do not think it is noisy. My daughter and I both use it. It can kick your butt, but in a positive way. I have already lost pounds and inches. Most importantly however, my chronic pain in my hips, knees and back is vastly improved. That alone makes my heart sing. It is worth every penny. I did not like going to the gym. I love the fact that I can get on my machine any time I want to! I listen to music, I placed a fan on the machine, and I just walk! My daughter watches T.V. while she is doing her workout. I can never thank Bowflex enough!!!

A lot packed in a compact package

I received my Treadclimber TC10 quicker than I had expected. I decided to assemble it myself and it really wasn't bad. The directions were easy to read and once I laid out all of the parts it was a pretty simply assembly. The one issue I did had was the alignment of some of the holes. A couple took a little time and persuading to line up. Works well and gives a great cardio workout

by Lindsay on Treadclimber TC10

I have HORRIBLE knees. Running is just not a option for me. I have tried elliptical's and stationary bikes. Both have hurt my knees. The tread climber doesn't hurt them AT ALL. I am so excited to have found this. I was skeptical because everything hurts my knees. I do alot of yoga to strengthen my joints but I wanted something with more cardio to do in addition. Its a great workout. I love it.

Set up was easy. I did it by myself (30 yr old female). Some of the holes on the side standing platforms didnt line up. I just drilled them a little bigger and it worked great.


Bought for my wife! She is just estatic about it! She said she has always wanted one secretly!!

by A very satisfied customer on Treadclimber TC10
Love my new Treadclimber

My whole family uses this machine. Because of foot surgery and knee problems, I needed a workout routine that was low impact yet could provide great results. After about 6 weeks, I am up to 30 minutes on level 3.0, 4 or 5 times a week. At 55, my metabolism had really slowed. I have lost 10 pounds and am just getting started. This is a piece of equipment that I seeing myself using for many years to come. I have finally found my answer to getting and staying in shape.

by Moving on... on Treadclimber TC10
Best machine ever!!!

Do not let all of the pieces intimidate you before putting together. This was the easiest piece of equipment I have ever put together. Took me two hours to assemble by myself. This machine will give you the workout you need if you are motivated. I have been using an elliptical for the last three years and I would not break a sweat until 15 minutes on; it took only six minutes on the treadclimber and I was sweating like crazy (love it). My body could tell I had been on a different piece of equipment that day. I am glad the wife asked me about purchasing this (should have purchased it last year when she mentioned it). Well worth the price!!!!!!

by Still Steppin on Treadclimber TC10
Y E S ! ! !

I've had my unit for fifteen months and walk three and a half hours a week. It runs quietly and is extremely will built.I`ve lost weight and really enjoy the natural "high" from my work-outs. Great Investment!

by JBrlw on Treadclimber TC10
Love it

I had gotten a bowflex after I hadn't first daughter and lost all the baby weight in 5 months (sold it to my sister instead of taking it on a cross country move). Now after just having my 3rd we decided to get another one. So far I've lost 4lbs in about 2 weeks of use. It's enough to get me sweating and huffing without making me sore. My husband is in the army and does pt everyday and is in pretty good shape but 20 minutes is enough to get him sweating and a good workout as well. He has had knee surgery on both knees and it doesn't bother his knees at all.

by Donna on Treadclimber TC10
I Love this Treadclimber

I use it almost everyday. its such a great workout if I stay on it for the 30 minutes im just sweating.. even if I don't have time everyday I try to burn at least 100 calories if I can put it into my schedule..i don't know how some people can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes ... if I do 300 calories it takes me around 45 minutes...

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