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After having twins, Sherri found herself at 195 pounds. With two other children already at home and her husband deployed to Afghanistan, she decided it was time to buckle down, get her life organized, and get back into shape and feeling good. Sherri ordered a TreadClimber® machine and lost 65 pounds!

“Every morning after the older kids go off to school and the twins are down for a nap, I jump on my TreadClimber® machine. I feel fit, healthy, energized and I love that I fit back into clothes I was wearing the weekend I met my husband.”




After high school, Nick got a job traveling to industrial plants for weeks on end so there was a lot of eating out and not getting any physical activity. He ended up going from 190 lbs in high school to more than 300 lbs. His blood pressure was through the roof.

“[My TreadClimber®] has changed my life considerably, I no longer have high blood pressure and I’m confident in myself. I have had the best work year of my life! My wife and kids are proud of me and I love life again.”



Jennifer, Idaho


With a full-time job and a son to take care of, Jennifer simply didn’t have the energy or time to go to the gym. After pounds starting to accumulate and her health started slipping, she looked to a Bowflex® TreadClimber® machine for an ultra-effective, at-home workout.

“Being a single mom, the last thing I wanted to do was go spend another hour or two in the gym. First time in my life I feel like I’ve actually found something that works. I lost 50 pounds from working out on the TreadClimber! This machine is a miracle.”

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