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WalkTC Treadmill

WalkTC Treadmill

The WalkTC treadmill by Bowflex, called a TreadClimber, is a state of the art fitness product. It helps you burn up to 3.5x the calories vs a standard treadmill all by walking just minutes a day. WalkTC treadmills are available in 3 different models, the TC5, TC10, and TC20. You can compare the models by clicking here and when you are ready to shop click here to see WalkTC treadmill prices.

What Makes a WalkTC Treadmill so Great?

The 3-in-1 workout you can achieve by using a WalkTC treadmill is tremendous. WalkTC treadmills combine a standard treadmill with a stair master and an elliptical, bringing you a fat burning, leg and butt toning, workout in just minutes a day from a walking pace. Couple this with the fact that it is a LOW IMPACT workout means you’ll spend less time thinking about your knees, and more time enjoying yourself on the beach, or in bed.

walktc treadmill

You simply walk in a forward motion like a standard treadmill, but the treadles will move up and down as you walk increasing your calorie burn rate. Let me ask you a question, can you walk 3mph? That’s all it takes! That is max speed! Walking at just 3mph on a WalkTC treadmill for 30 minutes can burn up to 612 calories! That’s as much as a hardcore hour long professional athlete burns at the gym pushing weights and running sprints.

Ready to see the WalkTC treadmills in action? Click here to compare models and watch the videos for each one.

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