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WalkTC eBay

WalkTC eBay

WalkTC units sold on eBay are used and do not come with a warranty. Instead of purchasing a used WalkTC unit we can offer you a brand new TreadClimber directly from WalkTC.com with over $700 OFF! Our direct partnership with Bowflex allows us to pass along these insane price discounts on new WalkTC units.

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eBay is an open marketplace for consumers to sell their used goods primarily. It’s a dumping ground for people’s abused stuff. Plus you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a TreadClimber shipped to you, only to find out how “used” the WalkTC unit you purchased is, and how poorly the seller on eBay packaged it.

Don’t gamble and try to buy a used WalkTC unit on eBay. Bowflex offers $20 shipping or even FREE shipping on brand new units when you shop with us. In addition to saving hundreds on shipping charges, plus hundreds more since we sell for less than MSRP, you will be covered by up to 3 years of warranty on your new WalkTC unit.

eBay is great when you want to get rid of your old digital camera that doesn’t work anymore, but not when you are investing in your personal health.

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