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WalkTC.com & WalkTC.ca

Bowflex TreadClimbers are advertised on TV using the domains WalkTC.com and WalkTC.ca depending upon where you live. In Canada WalkTC.ca is the primary domain they advertise on TV with, while in the United States WalkTC.com is the domain they use. Either way the TreadClimbers by Bowflex are exactly the same and yield amazing workout results in less time than a traditional treadmill.

Why are WalkTC.com and WalkTC.ca TreadClimbers so effective? The secret is the 3-in-1 workout TreadClimbers provide you with. WalkTC machines combine a treadmill, a stair master, and an elliptical into one machine. You can tone your glutes, legs, calves, abs, triceps, and strengthen your back all from walking on a TreadClimber!


We have partnered directly with Bowflex at WalkTC.com and WalkTC.ca so we can offer you a special discounted price on ALL TreadClimber models. Our discounted WalkTC price guide shows you just how much you can save by selecting a TreadClimber to purchase from this site. (All payments and orders are processed directly by Bowflex at WalkTC.com or WalkTC.ca after you select which model you wish to purchase)

If you want to save even more at WalkTC.com and WalkTC.ca enter your email at the top of this page to instantly receive a promotional code you can use during checkout. Our promotional codes usually save you between $200-$600 plus give you FREE SHIPPING or heavily discounted shipping rates.

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