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TreadClimber Price

TreadClimber Price

The TreadClimber price guide offers an easy to view comparison chart on all three models offered by Bowflex. The TreadClimber price varies depending on which model you select as Bowflex offers three levels of TreadClimbers.

The TC5 is Bowflex’s entry level TreadClimber and does not have a motor to power the unit, rather you move the treads as you start walking. This keeps the TreadClimber price down for entry level fitness fanatics. The normal price of the TreadClimber TC5 is $1,199.

The TC10 is Bowflex’s best selling TreadClimber and does have a motor, as does their top of the line TC20. The price of the TreadClimber TC10 is $2,599 but during certain sales events the price of the TC10 can go down an additional $700 plus free shipping is sometimes available which normally runs $199. We suggest you join our newsletter to receive the latest promotion Bowflex is currently running, plus we’ll send you notifications when Bowflex offers any new discounts or sales.

The TreadClimber TC20 is Bowflex’s flagship unit. The price of the TreadClimber TC20 is normally $3,999 but Bowflex offers some insane discounts on the TC20 most months. During Bowflex’s sales events you can grab the TC20 for $3,299 usually and if you have a promotional code (which we can send you if you join our newsletter) you can expect to save another $300 + receive FREE shipping. Total savings by being subscribed to our newsletter can be over $1,200 if you wanted to purchase a TC20.

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TreadClimber Costs & Shipping

Bowflex TreadClimbers usually cost $199 to ship to your doorstep, but through our direct relationship with Bowflex you can pick up FREE shipping on the TC20 or heavily discounted shipping on the TreadClimber TC10. To see the current shipping costs for the three TreadClimber models click here to visit our price guide.

Shipping times can vary based on your location and the time of the year, so it’s always best to order your unit well ahead of time to ensure it’s arrival. Holiday sales and seasonal sales can quickly sell out so if you see product availability it’s always best to buy now. You can try any of the TreadClimber models in your own home risk-free for 6 weeks, so don’t delay your purchase when a sale is taking place.

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